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One-sided acceptance

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on September 01, 1998 at 01:40:56:

In Reply to: accepted as truth posted by Mike Bacon on August 28, 1998 at 00:33:01:

MB: C'mon, man! Get off that "sycophant" shit!!!

Qx: Nope. Sorry but I'm going to call it as it is.

MB: McD Worker is right!

Qx: That's an adjective of praise for you. Right in what regards? His own subjective worldview? Perhaps but then again if you advocate surrender to corporate governance I won't go along with it and a lot of other people won't either.

MB: Not all average Joes are miserable and grumpy at their work.

Qx: Exactly. Some organize and help their fellow workers become aware of a lot of issues that aren't merely echoing the company line.

MB: This guy's postings are sincere,

Qx: Sincere in it's one-sideness certainly but is subjective observation necessarily global fact? Especially in this era of globalization?

MB: and I can tell that he's not reciting lines like a zombie in a trance.

Qx: He's merely advocating company loyalty as a form of surrender to the employing class. Which is worse.

MB: I can't believe that people with the opposing view are always being accused of being brainwashed or kissing up to "The Man".

Qx: Always? A lot of the time there's a perpetuation of false stereotyping amongst the pro-corporate people here and nobody posts back to oppose it.

MB: Furthermore, if McDonald's and other big corporations have so much "influence" over politics, then how come have both Houses here in the States been under liberal Democrat control for so many years?

Qx: Oops...time to read up on Noam Chomsky. Attention-deficit disorder is no excuse.

MB: The so-called "evil" tobacco companies are a good example. Their supposed "influence" didn't stop the cigarette machines from getting banned, nor did it halt the politicians from passing the UNCONSTITUTIONAL "No TV or Radio ad" laws back in the 70's. The First Amendment was forgotten on that one. {My 16-year-old niece recently got fined because she was caught with cigarettes.}

Qx: That actually should be posted at OTHER MULINATIONALS. Too bad about your niece though.

MB: Getting back to McDonald's employees, should only the Jamals and Bryans' stories be accepted as truth?

Qx: You know as well as I do that any issue has to be looked at from both sides but do you do that? Just by reading your recent postings in regards to the UAW strike I would have to conclude that you read the mainstream media's coverage first and let that decide your bias.

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