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Thanks to the girls who formed the union

Posted by: Charlotte ( McD worker, Canada ) on September 01, 1998 at 09:48:25:

While I still have a few mixed feelings about unions, I'm very happy with the union that was formed at the McDs in Squamish. Since this has happened, about two weeks ago (I think), the environment at my restaurant has improved quite a bit. The managers who used to be complete bastards, in the way they treated us, are being way more respectful. Also the owner (ours is franchised) is willing to listen to us if we have any big complaints. All of this in the last little while.
The owner is scared completely that his employees will start a union, sp I'm pretty sure he's told the managers to start kissing our asses, to stop us from forming our own. I don't care if it's not sincere, it's a hell of a lot better that the way in used to be.

Even if our McDs never becomes unionized, the effect of one being unionized still makes a big difference on how other McDs employees are being treated, thank you girls!

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