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Just wanted to say that i liked this guys posting!

Posted by: McD worker ( Canada ) on September 01, 1998 at 09:54:32:

In Reply to: Knock it off, QX. posted by Flint Jones on September 01, 1998 at 01:24:06:

: P.S. This should prove to those wondering that the IWW hardly has a "party line", individual members have a wide variety of opinions and we try and work them out as best we can... struggling for consuses and failing with democracy. ;)

Just wanted to say that i liked this guys posting! he understands the the employee and doesn't attack them for having another belief..He works with them instead of aganist them and doesn't insult you or put you down for be loyal!

Flint, you make a much better spokesperson for your union, much better then QX!! You understand employees and work with them it seems rather then aganist them..I can put my "guard" down when i read your posting cause i know your not out to offend, unlike QX who is out to make enemies it seems and Flint, thanks for understanding us, the happy McD employees...you seem to keep in mind that eventhough we work for McD's, you remember that we are human too and don't deserved to be judged because of our place of employment..we all have feelings and it's hard to swallow when you have an outsider such as QX calling you a mindless corporate zombie because you happen to like McD's and are loyal to your employer..once again thanks Flint, on behalf of all loyal McD Employees.

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