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I wish our setup was as easy as the Mcd's franchisee system

Posted by: Julie- The Gruntled Generation ( Burger King, USA ) on September 01, 1998 at 09:58:14:

In Reply to: Too tired to think up a witty title tonight posted by Trolley Dolly on August 11, 1998 at 10:48:29:

I work for a franchisee for BK and I wish our setup was as easy as the Mcd's franchisee system*grin*
Weve got crew-team leaders-shift supervisors-am2-am1-rm-ds-regional vp-president and also the folks from coporate who make sure we are doing things correctly and the support staff of about 400 who work at the main office and the support staff that work out of the 7 district offices. It can be confusing to look at but I suppose the company is so well organized that we are able to keep it all running smoothly. Voice mail helps too *grin*

: (regarding the IWW on the internet)

: TD:But the info is there for anyone who has the means to access it, which is sometimes preferable to face to face - especially, if as you say, workers are intimidated because they are in contact with you. I still think you need to publicise yourselves better to get the support you want. That way you can maybe build Rome a little quicker ! Maybe even in your lifetime !

: : Qx: Actually I could see many a billboard company adamantly refusing to even consider something along those lines.

: TD:If you paid with cold hard cash I'm sure they'd let you post up whatever you liked !

: : Qx: I don't know if I can really consider this to be genuine. I don't use a thesaurus and you're assuming a lot and reading into my postings way too much by descibing them as pompous. It's called personalizing and it's the bane of Internet communications.

: TD:Your style seems to have altered overnight - since I convinced you of who I am not !

: : : : Qx: Hey! Be careful about the booze will ya? Many an accident has happened at the deep fat friers.

: : : I don't have a deep fat fryer in my house ! Why would I want to eat fried food after looking at it all day ?

: : Qx; I was talking about at McD's.

: TD:And I was talking about my house. That's where I drink G&Tand email from. I certainly don't do either of those things at work !

: : : : Qx: Please tell us about the differences. Joey Stalin and Bengt have talked about some things along those lines but it would be helpful to throw some light on the subject.

: TD:Another time maybe. I haven't got all night !

: : TD: There is no "company culture" (other McD people will understand this)

: : Qx: I don't agree.

: TD:Have you ever worked for a franchisee ?

: : TD: There is no hierarchy above you. You work for an individual businessperson. This situation is a benefit because it's easier to negotiate and share ideas.

: : Qx: You just contarcdicted yourself here. Working for an individual businessperson is a heirarchical social situation. there's no way around it by saying it's not.

: TD:It's not as hierarchical as working for the company. In a franchise store you have:

: crew-->managers-->franchisee

: In the company you have:

: crew-->managers--->supervisor--->ops consultant--->market manager--->regional VP--->senior VP--->CEO

: : Qx: Have fun.

: TD: In my job !?

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