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right to organize

Posted by: Jason Adams ( IWW , USA ) on September 01, 1998 at 23:53:10:

In Reply to: Unionizing posted by McD Worker on September 01, 1998 at 09:50:58:

>>but yet McD's haaas to be understanding, which i don't think its fair

That's wonderful news! Means that McD's is scared shitless of their workers organizing unions. It's always gratifying to see how much freindlier management gets when the simple *mention* of a union occurs...

>>Crew being lazy, having attitudes are something i don't put up with

You're encouraging them to unionize by having the attitude that you have. If you don't want them to unionize, pay a living wage ($10 per hour or more in most cities), treat them with respect, and provide them with decent health care and other benefits. Until then (and yeah, we know you won't give it without our uniting and demanding it) don't act so surprised when people demand the right to survive.

>> i don't know why people come down hard on us McD employees, EVERY job has its advantages and disadvantages its called LIFE..stop acting like everyone out there owes you something We don't owe you a thing!.

You seem to be having some major identity problems here. Are you a worker or are you Ronald McDonald? You say that people come down hard on McD employees but then you say "we don't owe you a thing" as though you are the MAN. If you don't have the power to hire and fire, you need to realize that you are a worker as well and would benefit from unionization like anyone else. If you do hire and fire, then you need to realize that workers have a right to organize a union. Also: which worker do you think has a desire to work harder - the fairly compensated, "empowered" worker who has a union, or the exploited min. wage or just above it disposable worker. Think it over.

Jason Adams

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