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Define workers, Qx. After all, I am one.

Posted by: Trolley Dolly ( Northern Ireland ) on September 04, 1998 at 00:29:59:

In Reply to: When the workers got up and rose posted by Quincunx on September 01, 1998 at 00:45:41:

: DT: I think it's quite ironic that you use that proverb to describe the IWW's struggle !

: Qx: Is that right? Perhaps you can explain it DT. James used it as an analogy to a slow process but keep in mind that workers (slaves) built Rome. Not franchisers.

Yeah, and Rome was an EMPIRE. Is that what you guy's are emulating ?

: : : BASE727 Well I'm sorry you are not convinced by the IWW. There is nothing wrong with unionism, it's good for everybody.

: DT: Are you sure about that ? Everybody ? What about me ?

: Qx: Actually, for somebody with your views about authority it would be horrible. You wouldn't be able to spew forth such volumes of vitriole (alcoholically influenced of course!) on persons you deem lower than yourself.

No, not at all. We're all up shit creek, and need to row our boat together. And YOU, lecture ME, about spewing vitriole ? Qx, methinks the lady doth protest too much.

DT: There's nothing wrong with being witty - it makes the post interesting. What annoys me is verbal one-upmanship and assumed superiority ! But Qx and I have sorted that one out, and are managing to be quite civil to each other nowadays. At last I convinced him/her that I don't have an agenda.

: Qx: Is that right? I don't think so. You're a lame asshole who sucks the boss's bum and attacks the IWW for standing up to a corporation like McD's. You want to keep posting your bullshit and think you can fool us into believing that you're worker while in reality you're in a position to fuck with people's lives?

Yes , I am a worker. I exchange my labour for wages. OK, so I have some influence over other people, and for that I am paid slightly better, but if I want to keep my family fed, housed and clothed, then that is what I will continue doing until my circumstances offer a better opportunity. And don't assume for one minute that I am wholeheartedly happy and at one with this scenario. Far from it. But you don't even get that far Qx. Lame asshole ? No, I don't think so. Caught between a rock and a hard place, maybe.

: You're on the side of the oppressors and there's no "verbal one-upmanship" to mince words about. If like convincing yourself that you're a worker I bet that thse McD's workers in your fiefdom will disagree but won't say anything.

You do not understand the relationship between a franchisee and his employees. It is very different to the relationship between the corp and it's employees. And remember, I have worked for both. And I am not on the side of the corp.

See ya


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