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Posted by: Melissa Shedden ( Australia ) on September 04, 1998 at 01:02:54:

How much fat is in the fries?
How much fat is in the nuggets?
How much fat is in the ice cream and burgers?
Please send me back info on the substances in these foods whether good or bad. This would be a great help for a debate i'm doing.
Thanks Melissa Shedden.

McSpotlight: There are leaflets available in some McDonald's stores, including in Australia, which tell you how much fat is in each of their products. Only thing is that the figures won't mean much to most people, unless they know how much fat they ought to be eating for the good of their health. They don't tell the customers in plain english that most of their products are high in fat and salt, and low in fibre, which is exactly the type of food we should be eating less of. For some information on nutrition you could try reading some of the evidence that came out in the McLibel trial, or check out the nutrition section of the site.

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