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Revolution rarely includes etiquette

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on September 04, 1998 at 10:47:22:

In Reply to: Revolution is no excuse for poor etiquette posted by Flint Jones on September 02, 1998 at 21:02:49:

: Flint: You are being rude, and you're not listening.

Qx: OK. Chalk one up for human failings on my part.

F: You seem to be more focused on winning all arguements, than building a union.

Qx: You don't know me very well.

F: Everyone who you've criticized so far has mentioned that they aren't anti-union.

Qx: Read every one of my postings going back to last year.

F: Everyone you've been attacking have only said what they liked about McDonald's.

Qx: Again read all of my postings from 1997 and then search for e-lists and other discussion boards on the Internet besides this place and tell me that again.

F: There are things you can like about McDonald's.

Qx: OK. Tell us some.

F: There is a time in a place of harsh words.

Qx: You mean there is a time and a place for harsh words. I think you're telling me that because I'm a Wob and that's cool but please bear in mind that I know that.

Qx: Listen, if you want to discuss it, email me.

F: You should have put a posting on the union listserv instead of what you posted here. There is such a thing as being circumspect. It might be a while before I get on a computer again because of my schedule.

F: It is quite possible to be civil and not be co-opted. I don't suger coat my ideology at all.

Qx: Please bear in mind that I never stated that nor did I imply that your ideology is sugar-coated.

F: I don't pretend to be after anything but Abolishing the Wage System.

Qx: I'd like to see that happen but there could be something else that could easily preclude any human abolition of wage slavery.

F: I just don't treat people like morons because they don't agree with me and haven't read everything I have read.

Qx: So you're saying that is what is I do in every posting. Again I refer you to my postings from 1997 and not just this website.

F: Your not winning anyone to the cause when you call them a Sychophant. If they are, you aren't going to convince them, if they aren't... you just insulted them.

Qx: That's a matter of perception isn't it? Sychophant is a word that originally wasn't perceived as an insult but rather as a compliment. Need I go into Eurpean literature in regards to statecraft? I can distinctly remember arguing with Communist Workers Party members years ago who made a fool of me and denigrated me to no end. I learned and took it in stride. Others should also. If you're on the Internet learn to have a thick skin.


Knowledge of the truth is the foremost goal of science, and if in pursuit of the longing for light we stumble upon an immense danger, then one has the impression more of fatality than a premeditation. It is not that present-day man is capable of greater evil than the man of antiquity or the primitive. He merely has the incomparably more effective means with which to realize his proclivity to evil. As his consciousness has broadened and differentiated, so his moral nature has lagged behind. That is the great problem before us today. Reason alone does not suffice.

-C.G. Jung--The Undiscovered Self


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