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Best wishes, Cheryl!

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( TEXA$, USA ) on September 06, 1998 at 00:34:08:

In Reply to: TO ALL posted by Cheryl (new mc'd worker) on September 04, 1998 at 01:29:56:

Congratulations on your new job, and keep on jammin!

Oh, and if Quincunx and other folks who post here start picking on you like they have McD Worker, Trolley Dolly, and Cara Russel (last year), don't let it get to you! Qx recently roasted me good, and I replied with a post that gave him a hard time at the beginning and the end without flaming, and at least attempted to rebutt his arguments without attacking him personally. As a person, he's cool, but as a debator he does tend at times to let his opinions overpower him, and you see the results of that.

But you've got our support that includes myself, TD and McD Worker. Keep on keepin on, and drop a line here when you can.


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