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What makes you think that you are any better than the rest of us?

Posted by: Jason Adams ( IWW, The South, USA ) on September 09, 1998 at 19:13:53:

In Reply to: We ain't red necks! posted by Bob on September 07, 1998 at 18:56:42:

: We ain't red necks.

If you are trying to convince us that poor white southern rural folks are ignorant and stupid you've just proven yourself to be an ignoramus yourself! What makes you think that you are any better than the rest of us?

:We mite use huked onn fonicks but we r still smartt.
We like macdonnalds for gormay food. Y'all shal bee prowd of my only sun. It only tooke him 3 years to pass the 6 grade.

You're so lucky to be of a higher breed than the rest of us! I guess you must be attending Yale or something like that right now, looking down your long snout at all the dirty, stupid unwashed white trash of the south. We really can't help it you know, we were born this way. God, though we wish we could share our homes with someone as intelligent and upwardly mobile as yourself! Come visit us sometime and enjoy some Southern hospitality, alright?

: He makes overalls. We like fast food. My wife can't even wurk a newage micro heat'in machine. Us down yonder have to eat at macdonnalds every nite. We love macdonnalds.

Maybe it's your enlightened Northern attitude rubbing off on me, but I think I am going to hitch me a ride up to Harvard and knock on their admissions door. Maybe they'll let me into their hallowed halls out of pity, what do you think? Then maybe I can learn how to use a microwave instead of eating at McDonald's all the time. And then maybe we can get more of the good things in life for us Southern working folks.

Jason Adams

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