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My old sparring partner is back on form !

Posted by: Trolley Dolly ( Northern Ireland ) on September 10, 1998 at 11:56:13:

In Reply to: The golden rule that never existed posted by Quincunx on September 09, 1998 at 11:36:43:

: Qx: If you had said that in the beginning you would have been understood much sooner but as it stands you work for them. That can only make people skeptical about your loyalties. Until McD's is unionized globally there isn't much chance for trust to occur.

: Qx: You still gave the impression of having allegiance to McDonald's and that makes your statements automatically suspect. Probably more with the disgruntled workers than with me actually.

: TD: WRONG. When I am in work, I am paid to do what I do. When I am at home, in front of my PC, it is on my own time, and my opinions are my own. I base those opinions on many things, INCLUDING what happens in work.

: Qx: Lots of people claim that but as I said before- until McD's is unionized and management restricted from abusing workers then what you just typed here will be deemed suspect by many people. BTW, lots of McD's lawyers can say the same thing and should any of us trust them? I think not.

You know Qx, you assume that people ARE what they work at. For someone with such insight as yourself, that is pretty shallow.

: Qx: Already did but then again how can anybody tell from a posting that's already two days old by the time it reaches this board?

You're too unpredictable ! Is that why you sometimes kindly supply us with two posts on the same subject ? I never know whether I'm going to get a roasting or the "picture and no sound" treatment. (If you can convey that here !)

: Qx: That's your problem isn't it? Look at any of the paramilitaries in your neighbourhood and look at a mixed bag of people. They shouldn't be dumped into the ash heap as you seem to view them as. Any organization has a lot of different people. Or didn't you know that?

TD: Yeah, just variations on the scum theme.

: TD: Flint's approach is a lot more user friendly, I'm quite prepared to listen to what he has to say.

: Qx: As I said before. Go and tell him that.

TD: I am merely comparing you two, seeing as you both dance to the same tune.

: Qx: You're doing a pretty good job of it yourself so why tell us about suicide?

TD: Your the only self basting turkey on this site, Qx !!!

: TD: I do nothing in the name of the corporation.

: Qx: Then what do you call working there?

TD: It's commonly known as earning a living. Who ever said you are what you work ?

: TD: All your posts stink of "I'm the expert, I know everything, listen to me, ignore everyone else."

: Qx: So you've been reading into my postings and not really reading them and then you're attributing your shadow onto me. That's expected.

TD: It's just the style, not the content.

: TD: Whatever you say, and however you say it Qx, at the end of the day it's only YOUR opinion.

: Qx: Would you be able to call it that if they're sourced and referenced? Then it's not just opinion as you would like it to be or so it seems.

TD: It is your interpretation only. Is yours the only truth ?

: TD: And if someone happens to go against your philosophy for life, accept it, don't have the arrogance to insult them.

: Qx: Now you're telling me what to do. Could there be an authoritarian element in your last commandment? I believe so.

TD: It's only advice. If I thought you'd accept an order I'd be telling you to go and play chicken on the motorway !

: TD: And less of "step outside" battle of the philosophers bullshit.

: Qx: Now that's not too articulate at all and the bad word really tops it off. You can do better than that.

TD Now now, this whole post of yours has been an exercise in proving yourself king of quips. Let me make my own please !

: TD: Your consciousness could be just as false,

: Qx: And life could be but a joke but that's conjecture isn't it?

TD What do you mean could be ? It is !

Til the next time


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