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One popped ballon coming up

Posted by: Quincunx on September 10, 1998 at 12:18:34:

In Reply to: Well have a pop at this one then. posted by Trolley Dolly on September 09, 1998 at 11:28:28:

DT: I wasn't sure which post to respond to here, but seeing as you referred to me here, I chose this one.

Qx: Good go for it.

DT: You continue to insist on lining me up (alongside Mike Bacon and McD Worker) at your corporate coconut shy, but if you had paid one bit of attention to my comments here you would realise that portraying me as some kind of cardboard cut out is unfair, unrealistic and downright ignorant.

Qx: Actually not. You used sexual innuendo with the knicker and liva and kisses and that's very ignorant to say the least. In short you have portrayed yourself as a cardboard cutout and so you have to live with it.

DT: I think that if you understood a little bit about how peoples circumstances dictate how they earn their living, you would realise how offensive your attacks are.

Qx: Actually you're assuming that I don't live at all so the offense you feel is of your own imagination. The part about earning a living is far different than your idea about how people earn money when you exclude the banking system but then again capable of learning that all by yourself.

DT: I do not have the luxury of living a carefree existence (in a trailer or anywhere else) or the time to spend my days philosophising. I have responsibilities.

Qx: That's quite evident judgung by the quality of your postings. Which isn't very high or conducive to debate about WORKERS AND MCDONALDS.

DT: I am the main wage earner in our house. I also have a mortgage, a two year old daughter and a husband who is studying for a Phd. Our lifestyle is far from ideal, in fact, we both agree that it is unsatisfactory and just an existence - at the moment. But we look forward to, and are aiming towards better times. Our situation dictates that in order to maintain our reasonably comfortable standard of living, I have to work, and earn above a certain threshhold. I work at McD's in order to fulfil this requirement, not out of some blind misguided loyalty to the golden arches.

Qx: So why tell me this? You deny the loyalty angle and then tell me a summary biography of your personal life. That doesn't tell me anything and this isn't therapy.

TD:I could do a similar job somewhere else, it would be as equally contemptible to you.

Qx: Again you assume.

TD:But it just so happens to be McDonald's.

Qx: While you plan to get another job and again that's your problem and there's nothing I can do about it. So why tell me?

TD: You see, that is why I always take offence to your often ignorant posts.

Qx: That's your perception but you attacked first so what do you expect?

TD: You never examine why I am actually working there.

Qx: Then perhaps you should have explained that pert in the first place instead of typing this and the following now. That's rather late isn't it?

TD:My long term goals do not have McD's in them. I most definitely can see the flaws in the McSystem. A lot more closely and at first hand than you can, sometimes. But you are not interested in that side of what I say, you merely fly in there like a heat seeking missile and torpedo everything that you don't like.

Qx: Again you're in a rage and using some wild imagery at that. You should have said so in the beginning.

TD: It may by a sad indictment of the way our society is that I and many others have to work in a job that is not particularly fulfilling, but it is true for many millions of people.

Qx: And you think I don't know that? Well, that's too bad but I do recognize that.

TD: And don't tell me I need a union and everything will be sunshine and birdsong.

Qx: That's a straw man you're using and not a very good one at that. I never promised sunshine and birdsong (to use your word-images) and neither has Flint, Jason or anybosy else. In other words you used a very overbloated accusation.

TD: McD's for me is a stepping stone to somewhere else.

Qx: Temporary employment you mean?

TD: I have ideas for my future, but there are a lot of considerations for me to take along the way. If I could toss it all up in the air tomorrow, I would. But, unfortunately, I need the money ! This however, does not stop me holding certain opinions about the way the company and it's people operate. Nothing surprises me anymore. Reading this site, and following the McLibel trial has made me a whole lot more cynical about the company. Maybe, sometime in the future, when I am no longer in their employ, I will go into more detail, but not now. I have given away far more about myself in this post than I ever wanted to. I've probably been identified by McD's by now, and quite frankly, I don't know why I'm so bothered.

Qx: Why are you going on for so long about this? I've never met you and you display little or no empathy from what I can read so I also don't know why you are so bothered.

TD: If there's any repercussions I can always fall back on the IWW, can't I ???

Qx: That's up to you to research for yourself.

TD: The one important thing I want you to realise Qx is that you must not write off what I have to say as McSpeak.

Qx: Can you type that out in a more legible form? You are McSpeak or something?

TD: I can understand the motivations and loyalties of you wobblies.

Qx: Good

TD: Do you now understand me and mine ?

Qx: Not until I meet you personally so why ask?

TD:Until you do, you really have no right to speculate about my situation.

Qx: Oh I don't? Too bad but if you attack my postings I reserve the right to defend myself and my positions.

: --
: McSpotlight: Well said, TD. A cogent summary of the situation facing a lot of people in the Western world.

Qx: The struggle for life under the wage wystem is never very easy unless one is rich and even then spiritual problems arise. The voices of Reason have assumed a tyranny that sets the Western world (which is neither a separate planet or a monolithic entity) into an unbalanced state that results in the hysteria of the profit motive and the greed that accompanies it.

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