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Posted by: Quincunx on September 10, 1998 at 12:26:29:

In Reply to: We hear some muffled buzzing... posted by The Trolley Dollies on August 02, 1998 at 21:29:46:

TD: You've really got a bee up your hole, haven't you ?

Qx: Alright! You're doing really well with the gross bodily references.

TD: We are NOT McD's PR department !

Qx: That's what is said in rap sessions but if you come here you might as well be.

TD: We defend our right to have OUR OWN opinion and voice it !

Qx: That's why using the basic tenets of Trabsactional Analysis was incorporated into those rap sessions. In order for this to be said while company policy keeps on a 'rollin.

TD: And as far as questioning authority goes - you should hear how we talk to our franchisees !

Qx: Go ahead and tell us.

TD: And to think we dare to question your authority.

Qx: I have authority? Not very good.

TD: What makes you think you are right ?

Qx: You know what I think? Maybe you are clairvoyant!

TD: At the end of the day we all think differently and there isn't much you can do about it.

Qx: Actually, we all think differently and it's very dependent on everybody's state of mind at any given point in time. Since that is the case why tell me I can do anything about it when it's already self-evident?

TD: We don't want people to all think the same way - life would be too boring - and we wouldn't have all the fun we do on this site.

Qx: Who is we? That one big happy family called McDonald's?

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