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Posted by: BASE727{mad cow patrol} ( L.S-A.P., Canada ) on September 15, 1998 at 16:54:29:

CAUTION: this material may poison sensitive minds.

As you may be aware, recently McDonald's has been in the news, regarding labour activities at a franchised restaurant in Squamish British Columbia. Some media coverage, as well as information currently on the internet, has contained some one-sided comments and misinformation about McDonald's employment practices. We would like to take this opportunity to review some of the facts relating to McDonald's employment practices and reiterate our commitment to you.

McDonald's has been a proud employer across Canada for more than 30 years. We have always considered our employees to be the heart of our buisiness. In each restaurant our managment team tries hard to treat each and every employee with dignity and respect and to offer a, rewarding enjoyable and safe work enviroment.

Everyday more than 70,000 Canadians, like yourself, choose to work at McDonald's because it meets their needs. We believe that McDonald's offers one of the best benifit packages in the industry. Paid breaks, flexible schedules, training programs, the McGold Card, scholarship program, a variety of recognition programs, a challenging job with carrear potential -- all great aspects of what is availible to each and every employee.

We are very proud of our system which allows for both personal and if desired, professional growth. we believe that skills learned at McDonald's can be useful the rest of your working life.

We are also proud of our "open door" policy. Employee imput is an important part of shaping our buisiness. As a valued member of our team, your opinion and ideas help us maintain and enhance both customer and employee satisfaction. With this in mind, we offer many ways to communicate, such as rap sessions, crew meetings, Employee Satisfaction Surveys and P. A. L. Letters, and in addition to our doors always being open to you at any time. We encourage each of you to take advantage of these communication vehicles so that we"re always aware of what's on your mind.

We realize that we"re not always perfect and, from time to time, we may make mistakes. However, with your feedback, we can improve and work toward making our restaurants the best the can be for all of us.

Once again, thanks for choosing McDonald's and for making a difference at this restaurant.

September 14 1998

Courtesy of James {L.S-A.P.}

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