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Posted by: Quincunx on September 18, 1998 at 19:38:17:

In Reply to: My old sparring partner is back on form ! posted by Trolley Dolly on September 10, 1998 at 11:56:13:

TD: You know Qx, you assume that people ARE what they work at.

Qx: Again you're assuming that I'm assuming and that's not too good.

TD: For someone with such insight as yourself, that is pretty shallow.

Qx: Your assumption that I am assuming that people are what they work at is indeed very shallow but if you can stop that assumption then you may be onto something. Only you can ever be the true judge of that.

old by the time it reaches this board?

TD: You're too unpredictable ! Is that why you sometimes kindly supply us with two posts on the same subject ?

Qx: No. As a matter of fact the software is too unpredicatable but you don't include that on this and that's unfortunate.

TD: I never know whether I'm going to get a roasting or the "picture and no sound" treatment. (If you can convey that here !)

Qx: Welcome to the Internet!

: TD: Yeah, just variations on the scum theme.

Qx: Who knows whats going to happen to those people in the paramiliutary organizations but I tend to keep in mind that when they are mentioned there is a demi-minde of sorts in which people have lived so clandestinely for so long that they nothing else. In the end they have to reach out to each other . I saw a film on Beirut in which two former enemies were talking about the artillery trajectories they would use to destroy each other's apartment blocks. Amazingly enough they both work as renovation workers in the same district. And ironically enough they both have the same labor problems with employers.

: TD: I am merely comparing you two, seeing as you both dance to the same tune.

Qx: I think there is some difference in terms of viewing the future through ideological lenses.
: : Qx: You're doing a pretty good job of it yourself so why tell us about suicide?

: TD: Your the only self basting turkey on this site, Qx !!!

Qx: Who ever heard of a self-basting turkey? Is that another one of McD's new concoctions that you're hinting at here or is that a new term that arisen out of all those rap sessions?

: TD: It's commonly known as earning a living. Who ever said you are what you work ?

Qx: Renting oneself out in order to survive is probably a closer approximation. Soemthijng we all have to do and should question. As far as being what you work the best direction for that question to be addressed to is a company such as McDonald's itself. The strategems of Doc Cougle and the rest of the staff at Hamburger U have inculcated that very well with much of the management staff. How that trickles down to franchise staff is rather interesting.

BTW, have you read BEHIND THE ARCHES by John F. Love. He puts quite a spin on the franchise situation. Tell us what you think. I think it's a puff piece myself.

: TD: It's just the style, not the content.

Qx: It's better to look behind style. Then again style is in the eye of the beholder isn't it?

: TD: It is your interpretation only. Is yours the only truth ?

Qx: Go to some skeptics for more long winded talks on the idea of truth. Besides, I never claimed to hold the only truth but at least it is sourced and referenced.

: TD: It's only advice. If I thought you'd accept an order I'd be telling you to go and play chicken on the motorway !

Qx: Are you a secret operative for Kentucky Fried Chicken? McD's may not like that connotation of yours.

: TD: Now now, this whole post of yours has been an exercise in proving yourself king of quips.

Qx: Whoever heard of the "king of quips"? You should argue with Stu Gort sometime for the fun of it. That way you might not think of my postings in that light.

TD: Let me make my own please !

Qx: Go ahead and let loose a volley.

: TD: What do you mean could be ? It is !

Qx: OK. Until next time.

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