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I'm not as unjustifiably paranoid as some would think

Posted by: Quincunx on September 18, 1998 at 19:43:06:

In Reply to: Don't be so paranoid ! posted by Trolley Dolly on September 10, 1998 at 11:57:39:

TD: No. It's just your paranoia on overdrive.

Qx: How can it be ascertained that this is my "paranoia on overdrive"? Cautiuon has its rewards also.

TD: Why can't you accept differing perspectives to your own, however they are sourced ?

Qx: You're assuming again that I don't accept differing perspectives when in fact recognizing differing perspectives has a lot to do with researching the roots of those differing perspectives and finding them to be questuionable. Ben's postings are indeed questionable and both James (m.c.p) and I rooted them out. Not without some trouble of course.

TD:I KNOW that McD's visit here regularly, but I post here for entertainment only.

Qx: Good. Now others can read this and quetsion whether or not you do.

TD: I'm not out to undermine or steamroller anyone.

Qx: Sounds like an altruistic instinct on overdrive here TD. If there is such a thing.

TD: And exactly how is McSpotlight infiltrated ?

Qx: check out their website and don't be afraid to peruse it a bit.

TD: The opening page for the debating room welcomes all opinions.

Qx: Good. They'll come anyways.

TD: Hey, moderators, do you trust your colleagues ??? They could have an "M" tattooed on their scalps....!

Qx: You mean their foreheads don't you?

TD: Stop chasing your tail Qx, you'll go dizzy.

Qx: That tail is a product of your imagination and there's nothing to get dizzy about on my part. Now have fun and stay away from the hard stuff please.

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