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Posted by: Marcus ( Sweden ) on September 19, 1998 at 20:19:48:


Our school wants us to write about a company's structure, and my group chose McDonald's. However, we're having problems finding material about the organization: Who's the Vice President, what departments does the organization have, how does the communications work between the company and the franchising restaurants, where's the head office etc (although I think the head office is in Illinois somewhere).

So, does anyone know where I may turn? We tried to call the office in Stockholm, but they were too busy, so we thought we should try the 'net (good ol' net, haven't failed me yet!). However, when you search for "McDonald's" in a search engine you get tons of different locations, and we don't have the time to see which are the best to look at. So pleeease, help us a little. Deadline's coming up and we have so many other projects to work with too!


Marcus the McNuggets eater

McSpotlight: Could tell you, but then I've got plenty of my own work to do too. So suggest you start at our home page and have a look around (see for example the company info section). There are even various links from this site to the McDonald's own site, but you'll just have to do a bit of your own homework to find them. You could always subvert the subject matter for school and do a project on all the problems caused by McDonald's - then you'll have a ready made project here at your fingertips!

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