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Jay! Whoa! Down boy! heel!

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( TEXA$, USA ) on September 20, 1998 at 23:10:33:

In Reply to: In A 'Free Country' I Will Do As I Please. posted by Jason Adams on September 19, 1998 at 20:57:26:

Again, take it easy, dude! I didn't get bent out of shape when Quincunx poked fun at Texas residents, which he has several times. I don't find the term "redneck" offensive either. It's the degree to which the poke is taken. Example, I won't use the "n" word, because that does go to the extreme, same for all other racial slurs.

Why should what's posted get anyone's bowels in an uproar? I know I'm on the shit list of many disgruntled McD employees who are pushing for unions and striking if they dont get their way. But opinions are opinions.

Anyway, I know we're all going off the track. It don't bother me but I know it does bother the mods. Here's my forum if you two are interested:


Again Delphi registration is free. I just got through chatting live with TD over there. ...did I mention posts come up in minutes? Just take it easy on the chairs. I don't have Jerry Springer's budget. :-)


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