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Posted by: BASE727{m.c.p.} ( L.S-A.P., Canada ) on September 22, 1998 at 12:08:58:

Sep 14 1998


Late Friday afternoon CAW Local 3000 applied to represent the workers at the McDonalds Restaurant located at Hollywood and Highway 33 in Rutland B. C. - a suburb of Kelowna. The union is confident it has the requisite 55%. Today, the B.C. Labour Relations Board informed the parties of a hearing on the Union's application this Friday in Vancouver.

"Again as in Squamish we see McDonald's employing similar tacticts. Over the weekend they were in a hiring frenzy yet telling others they might close the restaurant as the franchise owner, Taurus Foods, had five other restaurants in the Kelowna area.

"While we expect certification, as in Squamish, again we see a simular pattern of conduct as soon as McDonald's becomes aware of our organing campaign".

"It seems to us that they need to go back to their Headquarters on Still Creek in Burnaby and re-think their stratagy", comments National Union Representitive Roger Crowther. "It,s an abuse of the employee-employment relationship to hire people- in this case, we have been advised, ten employees, in vain hope to thwart the Union's organizing drive". "It's deceitful to the new hires and contrary to the McDonald's 'friendly community based advertising campaign'. It's also contrary to the early productive relationship we have with the Squamish Franchise Owner and his representitive at the bargaining table. There is no place for deceit in labour relations and mass hiring in B.C., Quebec or elsewhere to thwart organizing campaign is just plain wrong" concluded Crowther.........

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