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Skeptical of Dan

Posted by: Quincunx on September 23, 1998 at 00:38:38:

In Reply to: SKEPTICS? posted by Dan on September 19, 1998 at 20:38:31:

D: Skeptics? How can anyone be skeptical over the powers that the fine people at the Psychic Hotline posses.

Qx: They can be gullible as the ones who think I'm a Castro supporter. That's you isn't it?

D: As you can easily learn from their fine info-mercials, these people know things that you just couldnt not know unless they had ESP.

Qx: Skeptics will destroy that for you.

D: Anyone that would argue otherwise is just being difficult because they know the true power!!!!!

Qx: What true power? The power of self-delusion on a mass scale?

D: You of all people should understand this given the wonderful links you hand out.

Qx: Since you haven't the fortitude to even muster a critical analysis of any URL hyperlink that I've ever posted it's obvious that you're obtuse accusations are a case of willful blindness. Especially since you're not exactly debate-literate. Which is actually really funny.

D: Alas I will not be able to continue this debate as Im off on vacation for the next week until then find a sense of humor.

Qx: Let's see here...Dan goes to Thailand to get his pudgy pink fingers into a pre-teen's bodily cavity. Now that's pretty funny and gross at the same time. Learn to take a joke when you read the Anarchist cookbook next time. The workers will be waiting to receive your next call for emergency first-aid.

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