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Mc Donalds, a nice place to work

Posted by: Mc Denmark ( Anders, Denmark ) on September 24, 1998 at 00:17:28:

I have worked at Mc Donalds for 2 years, Im 18, Mc Donalds is a great place to work, the managers is not over the hill, they are young people with attitude, thats maybe one of the reasons to that i have chosen to be a manager myself, being a employed at an Mc donalds make you feel important, there are a lot of activities outside work for the danisch Mcd: Football tournaments etc.

Why im writing? because I have just watched a program about this "We hate MCD organisation", and I just wanted to tell you that im thinking you a bunch of komis- I feel sorry for you!!!! Get a life!!!!
Here a message from a whole Restaurant 60 employes: we love to work at Mc Donalds, and we think that you are wrong!!!!!!

McSpotlight: Did you actually ask all 60 employees if they agreed with you? And if you did would they feel free to answer with their honest opinion? I bet not.
Incidentally, what was the title of the program you are referring to, and was it on a video or on television?

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