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Posted by: Beefmeister ( NZ ) on October 02, 1998 at 11:20:15:

In Reply to: This one is for you Beefmeister posted by Bengt on September 27, 1998 at 20:22:00:

: : When you are dealing with largely younger aged staff members it's hard to motivate them at times.

: Yes that is true, but is yhat not where leadership comes into the picture? You motivate people with your leadership, not with little stars.

It sure does!! But what I'm saying that it's a lot harder to motivate the next generation. When I started working we used to EG/ come in on a close on our own time just for the sake of learning. Whether we got paid or not didn't matter, but every one wanted to work together because we were all mates, work was a fun thing to do and I there was a level of pride that doesn't exist in our society as abundantly as it did then.

The work ethic appears to " Do as less as you can possibly get away with" especially with younger mgrs trying to develop skills and find a style of leadership of their own that achieves standards while not upsetting crew. It's not about hiring the wrong staff either.
I'm not saying that they can't be motivated but some of the simple things just don't work anymore.

: : This system is designed to boost staff interest in learning a wider variety of stations and to do the job well.

: I feel, for Sweden that is, that this interest already exists. Most people want to learn new things

Your in a lucky situation then. Good on you.

: : Most restaurants who have given up on this system have done so because the mgt have not committed to operating this so simple form of recognition.

: Or, in our case, that we feel that the system is not going anywhere. Could it be the other way around, i.e a risk? That you use this system on routine, and therefore do not apply your leadership?

There are stores in NZ that have dumped it too. But we don't have this problem. The crew trainers run the system and award these dots. It's not at a mgt level. Std's are checked on the floor and training scheduled by mgt.

: : The concept of having you stars on your badge is not only to make your abilities public but also newer staff can see that you have experience in particular aras and will ask for help when needed.

: That might be a +, but does that really work? Will you see that anyway? In my world, most new people tend to lean on the informel leaders in the store.

The dots help new mgrs more when on the floor looking to reposition staff who they don't necessarity know well. The dots allow them to see what basic areas the crew know. We have a staff of about 85 of which about 30 are students who you might see once a week. When your in a rush it minimises the difficulty in moving when under a bit of pressure

: : : We took it away, cause, quite frankly, itīs a silly system! It is the same with different clothes and ties. Why do you need a different tie and shirt to be a manager? Is ledarship built into the shirt?

That's your opinion and I can respect that. Lets leave it where it is.
This system may reach it's use by date in the future and may be it will sooner than later. The badge system works to date.

: : As far as different ties / shirts for mgt. Customers like to be able to recognise who is in charge. NOT necessarily who is the bossiest but if they have a problem then approaching the mgr is much simpler. Someone needs to be LEADING the way not chasing the rush.

: Why? Why? Why? The old system support hierarchies. If you give yoyr people training and responsibilities, the can handle the customers. Why should you always call on a manager? I have never understood this and I never will. That is an old paradigm.

You call on a Manager to take the pressure away from already busy staff, to keep lines flowing, to able staff to continue to satisfy other customers. What happens if your customer doesn't like the result you offer to a complaint. I don't believe that my staff need to be at the front line of a customer complaint. Customers do feel more comfortable dealing with someone who they can see is able to make a difference.

You can empower staff do do anything. But accountability lies somewhere and it doesn't lie with a crew person following policy but with mgt who make policy.

: : Customers feel reassured when they visit a restaurant where the whole team is working together in a productive but organised fashion.

: And? I completely agree with you. Did i write anything contrary to this?

No you didn't. I was merely continuing my line of thought.

: : Everyone works on the same level (I hope it does in your case too)until the "shit hits the fan". If happens sometimes! That's when authority should come in to play.

: Do you need a shirt and tie for this? If you do, then you are probably not the leader you should be. Our CEO wear the same clothes as the guy who started yesterday, our store managers and owner/operators wear them - everybody wears them.

Not necessarily but my customers truly ask for the ability to ID mgt without having to decyphor from 20 staff on the floor.

The initial concept of this issue was about the ability to motivate staff. A mgt uniform aside from ID purpose is solid form of recognition of performance. You work hard to achieve a level of skill where you can manage a business, get a pay rise for it , do a course and still have the same outfit. Does a mgt uniform intimidate you or make you feel inferior. I hope it doesn't as I don't believe it's designed to do that
I'm not trying to have a go at you. Just asking a question.

: I think that we basically have the same opinion, only different ways of expressing them.

Yeah me too. We agree that recognition is essential. Experiences of a similar system differ. Empowering staff with proper training is the way of the future. People love to be given responsibility. I don't believe that crew CAN'T handle certain situations but I believe that there are situations that they should not have to deal with. A mgt uniform recognises level of accountability, ability to make change to policy
You believe that the uniform is not necessary. If you find a situation where your belief works then let us know. I haven't yet.

: Do you work with McD in NZ?

I am a restaurant manager in one of NZ's top 5 restaurant in sales.
I'm straight up, don't use fancy words and work 50 - 60 hours per week of which at least 65% of that is on the floor. My staff for the most part work bloody hard with the odd challenging individual. I believe that if you want to work hard there's always a job here.

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