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Posted by: Christy ( USA ) on October 05, 1998 at 11:34:48:

I am sitting here thinking what idiots have of these people here are! Most of these things you are reading are RUMORS!!
Mcdonald's claiming the gamepeice was a misprint? Crazy, if you ask me. And those of you believing these rumors are just as crazy! I happen to be a manager @ McyDee's. My boyfriend and i were both promoted to managers at the ages of 17! Mcdonald's has a lot to offer for those willing to work for it.

I was able to start working there when i was 15. I am almost 18 now, and i still love McDonald's. I am in college, and every since i started Mcdonald's has very cooperatively worked around my school schedule. I in turn try to schedule my classe all on the same days so i do not have to limit my availability too much. The reason McDonald's doesn;t pay much is because they aare a promotion oriented company. hy should they pay you 7.00 per hour to scrub floors when they can paysomeone minimum wage to do it. To compensate those who work hard, there are great promotiona; opportunities. It is fairly easy to be promoted! You just have to work hard! McDonald's isn't meant to pay tons. and McDonald's didn't call you and ask you to come work for them, you came to them!

And for those of you submitting the tricks to get better food as a customer, that must just mean that YOU didn't serve quality food as a wrker! At my Mcdonald's we do everything we can to serve our customers great food! Too bad a few of you are giving us all bad reps!

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