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No its not just bickering.

Posted by: Julie-The Gruntled Generation ( Burger King , Spartanburg, SC ) on October 08, 1998 at 02:44:53:

In Reply to: we have something in common, hey Qx! posted by McDWorker on October 06, 1998 at 21:14:53:

No its not just bickering. A lot of us been talking about it and we are sick of Qx's crap. If he doesn't agree with us then he berates and tries to blind us with his intelligence *snort*. Anyways thats the way things are and none of us has given him a time the way he has given us but we are going to start giving back as good as he can give it.


: : McDW: Do you know how to say "I quit" if not maybe Hooked on phonics can help ya! get a life man

: : Qx: So much for grammatical experise from the McDWorker. After all he is the one who has claimed to be proud of his ignorance in the past.

: Pround of my ignorance? Guess this means we have something in common, hey Qx!

: --
: McSpotlight: This is just bickering, OK?

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