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Some of you seem to love the delusional mindset though

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on October 09, 1998 at 19:51:07:

In Reply to: Not all of us are depressed miserable people who hate to work. posted by Julie on October 09, 1998 at 19:15:38:

J: Qx im wondering if you even have a job...probably not.

Qx: You're assuming again so I'm not really surprised that you want to get into my personal affairs also.

J: If you did have a job you would stop harranguing McDWorker for enjoying his job.

Qx: You're assuming some more and this time not verty critically at that. I'm very much in doubt of his sincerity. Especially when he gets more hysterical with each new posting.

J: Not all of us are depressed miserable people who hate to work.

Qx: Some actually like the delusional and insidious notion that management and workers have common interests.

J: If you ask many of my employees they will say that they like their job. A few others will admit they don't like the job but they do good work and come in to work everyday cause they need the money.

Qx: And maybe some of them might just want to organize a union right where you work.

J: Maybe you should take yourself on out to the real world and try to get a clue.

Qx: Third assumption in one posting. Your postings are getting consistent at erroneous evaluations of others if you think (without knowing those persons) others don't live in the real world. Not to mention glibly obtuse.

Now would you explain to us the role of unions in winning the right to collective bargaining, the minimum wage, the 40-hour week, and the right to rest on weekends etc? After that tell us how "unions cause more problems than they solve."

: : McDW: Pround of my ignorance? Guess this means we have something in common, hey Qx!

: : Qx: You're wrong as usual with the feigned civility. Keep looking down this board for your admission to being proud of your ignorance. Then maybe the Corporation will take care of you from cradle to grave.

: : : --
: : : McSpotlight: This is just bickering, OK?

: : Qx: One of these days McDWorker will quit trying to pretend that the McDonald's and the workers have so much in common. Maybe he'll even quit pretending to be a worker.

McSpotlight: Qx, please, if it's going to go to backbiting, take it to email. The actual content of this thread is decreasing daily as the temperature increases...

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