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So they do need special protection

Posted by: Dan ( Its Barry not Berry, USA ) on October 10, 1998 at 12:13:52:

In Reply to: Yup posted by Dan on October 09, 1998 at 19:45:46:

:Remember also that vegetarians and Communists are figures subjected to irrational attack with some regularity; some of the things that get sent to the Debating Room are pretty obscene and/or objectionable. By and large, we try to treat everyone with fairness and equality, as long as they don't waste too much space. We are human, though.

So vegetarians and communists DO need special protection, And the tolerance shown for people against them will vary. I agree with the first part of the post about the kewl d00dz but thats not what we are talking about here. Im asking for consistency or an end to any claim of fairness. Just let people know what they are dealing with. Obviously, the people that stick around know where McSpotlight stands. Its just comical to see comments about fairness and free speach when it should be clearly stated that this is an unlevel playing field. Im still having fun though ;-)

McSpotlight: I'm not the moderator who wrote the above message, so I don't know what s/he was responding too, however I don't think s/he is saying that vegetarians and communists need special protection. We try to consistently cut out all posts which consist of abuse and no debate, whoever they are from and whoever they are directed at. Posts which are part abuse part debate are harder to deal with, but I think we are pretty consistent with those too.

As for not making it plain where McSpotlight stands, the home page says "McDonald's spends over $1.8 billion a year broadcasting their glossy image to the world. This is a small space for alternatives to be heard." and the 'New to McSpotlight - start here' page says "Hello. And welcome. To McSpotlight. The biggest, loudest, most red, most read Anti-McDonald's extravaganza the world has ever seen." So I don't think it's very accurate to suggest that people have to hang around for long to know where we stand. It's not our fault if people don't bother to read the home page or the suggested starting page.

However, our objectives as a site are different to our stand on who can post to the debating rooms. NO posts get the chop simply because we disagree with them. If that was so there couldn't be any debate, could there? We welcome comments and arguments from everyone, and as long as they aren't abusive or completely off topic then they will get through and be available for everyone to read and respond to.

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