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Posted by: swingers ( mcd, new zealand ) on October 11, 1998 at 14:26:26:

In Reply to: Young Managers posted by Beefmeister on October 08, 1998 at 03:32:45:

I think the major thing about managers ability is a lot to do with experience as well, I mean, I am 20 now, and have been an shift mgr. since I was 18, this means that I have two years experience, compare this to someone who is nearly 30, and has less than 1 years McD's management experience. Obviously more experience --> more efficent performance. I think the orignial complaint was that there was a 21 yr. old store manager, well, my question would be how long have they been doing the job?

Also, an overall culture of young mgrs. will have an effect on a store, especially if they 'screw the crew'. I do think that that is one of the biggest no-no's out, I've had to hold myself back on more than one occasion, cause that sort of thing will ruin your ability to manage in a group situation.

But, yeah, people aren't gonna develop unless they get tested, and put in new situations, and that is one of the things that McD's does for the leaders of the future.

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