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This is getting tiring!

Posted by: McDworker ( Canada ) on October 12, 1998 at 12:30:05:

OK Qx lets settle this once and for all, and don't start your reply to this with your free speech crap. No one is protesting the right of free speech We are not saying you can't speak your mind, however we are saying Don't put others down for speaking theirs....I/We have not jumped on you for your beliefs, just for you ways of putting down people who do not share the same beliefs....We all have to respect eachother, even those who argue just for the sake of arguing........

All I am saying is that, in my store I don't believe we need a union and the same goes for most of my co-workers {No I didn't ask everyone but I don't have too when the majority {sp?} agrees....majority {sp?} rules.......I'm also saying that I enjoy working at McD's..this does not make me an "ass kisser" to put it in words simplier then your own, this does not also mean I'll do anything for the company and/including backstabbing my fellow co workers and my "brothers" and "sisters" across the world....If they feel that their working conditions is really teribble and their mgmt is bad to them, then they should seek union interference if it can't be solved through rap sessions, meetings, etc. I'll be behind them 100% on whatever decision they choose upon..the only time I would have a problem with them is if they decide to take on the whole corporation and unionize all stores...Each employee can only speak for their store/region/market..good or bad..they cannot make decisions for me I can't make decisions for them.

Also, as the saying goes if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen....if a fast food employee truly hates his/her job, quit..don't make the rest of us suffer and give as a bad name.

If you're trying to find new recruits, Qx, remember the saying...

You'll attract more flies with honey then vinger!

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