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Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on October 14, 1998 at 01:32:29:

In Reply to: At least I have an opinion posted by mcd crew (Canada) on October 13, 1998 at 19:44:40:

mcdc: Maybe my opinion is subjective!

Qx: Yes it is but it would be great to see what criticism you have of McD's employment practices.

mcdc:At least I have an opinion and I am sorry that it does not match your socialist ideals.

Qx: What's there to be sorry about? Nobody is required to have the same opinion as others but it's been known to help when it comes to getting and retaining a job.

mcdc: If I am happy at work, is there something wrong with that?

Qx: If you are happy without viewing the entire situation critically then some people will say yes. So far you haven't offered much criticism of your employer but actually a whole lot of praise. In the view of others your contention seriously due to past compliants about rap sessions. You may be happy but one doesn't need democracy in the workplace to be happy. The rap sessions are evidence enough of that.

mcdw: You sound like you are pissed at the whole world.

Qx: That's a gross over-generalization and a diversion from the topic at hand. Namely the topic of rap sessions.

mcdw: Maybe there are some people out there that are treated badly

Qx: I know that there are people who are treated badly out there at many a McDonald's. There's isn't much need for speculation on that.

mcdw: -but I think they are in the minority.

Qx: Again this is speculation and the only thing that will reveal the true extent of union sympathies is either an organizing drive (or drives) or the usual acceleration in rap sessions that are designed to reveal union sympathies. (hint: They usually happen at the same time)

mcdw: We have the opportunity to correct the wrongs in our restaurant and if everything fails we can always contact our regional office.

Qx: I hazard to guess that in a corporate environment the opportunities to correct wrongs are limited by the very internal logic of corporations but your saying that the regional office can always be contacted seems to indicate that you may not be able to go higher within the McD's heirarchy. Is that seen in your experience?

mcdw: I enjoy the opportunity to write in this Debating Room and I do not know why McD's does not have a similar vehicle.

Qx: One hint: It's not for the lack of money.

P.S.: Again I ask. Can you take Boas and Chain's book word-for-word?

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