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Thanks for the kind words

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on October 14, 1998 at 01:35:56:

In Reply to: Blah..blah...blah...the usual thing with Qx... posted by Trolley Dolly on October 10, 1998 at 11:47:17:

TD: I thought I'd join the end of this queue to give you a kicking, and take my turn.

Qx: I knew you had a sadistic side. It's also good to see you reveal this to the readers.

TD: I know we've been down this road before, but you wouldn't get trussed up in these pie fights if your approach was less obnoxious.

Qx: In reality you seem hell-bent on perpetuating this and having a deep need to blame someone else. In this case me.

TD: Sure, tell anyone who'll listen about how great IWW is and how shabby and corrupt McD's et. al. are,

Qx: And I'll go ahead and do just that. Many a reader appreciates it.

TD: but stop wielding it like a big stick to beat an individual or two down.

Qx: That's you word-images and not mine. If you have anger control problems then it really shows here.

TD: If people think your ideas are a pile of pants, fine, it's up to them, isn't it ?

Qx: Sure is. And if their ideas are a pile of pants I'll let them know.

TD: There's no point trying to beat them into submission.

Qx: No way! I wouldn't want to be like you would I?

TD: If there are hundreds and thousands of restaurant employees queuing up to ride your gravy train, you'd better get full steam on, and head on down to party central.

Qx: Now that's silly not to mention showing signs of windbaggedness.

TD: But face it, the people you keep clashing with here aren't wearing it. So why bother ?

Qx: There happen to be readers and there also happens to be a need to challenge the corporate lies that pass as an enjoyable job and nothing more. Too bad the situation is much more than that and if you're angry because some people question the superficial "reasonableness" of some others then too bad again. You'll have to learn to live with it.

TD: I for one will never see eye to eye with you, so I have largely given up on our arguing and fighting.

Qx: Really now? Then why even post this hateful little posting? Do you really know why?

TD: I would have thought you would have gone to seek glory elsewhere by now, because you're not getting it by bitching at the likes of McDWorker, Julie, etc.

Qx: Excuse me but who doing the "bitching" here? It looks like it's you, McDWorker, Julie, etc. I'm questioning the sincerity of your postings and by the increasing nastiness you respond with you are becoming more and more self-destructive.

TD: If you want to debate, why not just post a topical question and invite responses from others. Make your points - minus the flames - and let others make theirs. If people happen to make a fool of themselves, fine. The other visitors to this site aren't so dumb that they can't see that. They don't need you pointing it out in 60 foot neon letters.

Qx: You really missed the side of the barn by a longshot didn't you? Look at this debating room more closely.

TD: If getting your point across via intimidation is your scene,

Qx: You really know how to raise the straw men quite often don't you?

TD: I can introduce you to a few shady characters here in Belfast that would love to have you on board.

Qx: Really? Get them onto this board! They might not really think McD's is that cool at all either.

TD: But if free speech is where you're at, have the courage of your convictions, and grant others the right that you are such a staunch advocate of.

Qx: And this challenge comes from a pro-McD's type who commands me to be courageous when she works for a corporation that discourages just that. This makes one wonder at times.

TD: By the way, don't bother dissecting this, because I'm no longer interested in what you have to say.

Qx: But the readers are and so I ask you try debating with some view to helping others and by doing some of your own research.

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