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A three-worded attempt at advertizing is more like it.

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on October 14, 1998 at 19:16:18:

In Reply to: Two words: Sunsweet Prune Juice! posted by Mike Bacon on October 14, 1998 at 01:36:46:

MB: Goddam! You got hemmorhoids or what, pardner? You sure been an ornory creature as of late!

Qx: Actually, since this comes from someone who rails against the "liberal" madia and bemoans the fact that the tobacco companies are denied First Amendment rights due to a ban on advertizing it looks like a self-descriptive statment at best.

MB: In this case, why do you automatically write off rap sessions?

Qx: Hoo boy! That's a straw man you erected here Mike! The postings is quoted from that I happened to not have written. Just by typing out an excerpt doesn't mean I "automatically write off rap sessions." That I question them and that others do also is beyond a doubt. If you want to keep up with the mischaracterizations then go ahead and tell the readers.

MB: There very well could be McD's and other fast food stores that use 'em to good effect, despite what's in that link you provided.

Qx: What's your definition of "good effect?" Is it for the sake of maximizing profit or keeping up the image of a "happy family?" So what you have to do is take it on word-for-word. I can see some weaknesses but I won't tell you since you seem to be so sure of yourself. I can guess that your idea of "good effect" is to find out union sympathies. I can hardly consider that a wild guess judging by the quality of your postings.

MB: Anything can be misused or abused as we all know, but the way the Corp itself may operate is not necessarily representative of how the franchise operator does. I've met a few restaurant owners in my lifetime, including a longtime DQ owner named Mildred who my sister and her husband once worked for before they married. She's a nice lady.

Qx: You're comparing apples and orangutans here. If there is a conflict between franchisors and the Corp in regards to "rap sessions" it would be great to read of an example. Just stating that doesn't make it so unless you can source and reference what you have to say.

As for Mildred...what the heck has she got to do with this? Just because she's a "nice lady"? Besides, she works at Dairy Queen and I'm pretty sure DQ doesn't use "rap sessions". I've done enough research into them also.

MB: To close, McD Worker, Shaun, and Julie are right. Not all stores need an association, and in the ones that do have problems, employees should try to resolve their differences with management before joining one.

Qx: To close, I think you're just accepting their postings without realizing that there could very well be people who do not and will not tell them of any pro-union sympathies that they may have and who work right next to them.

MB: Turn down the heat and take it easy.

Qx: You can any questioning of "rap sessions" as "turning up the heat" but the mis-characterization is typical and at times delightful.

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