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Health & safety, or lack of

Posted by: Kalvin Chapman ( uk ) on October 14, 1998 at 19:33:30:

I am currently trying to issue litigation proceedings against McDonalds (Scotland) for fracturing my back in a fall I had there in 1996.

I desperately need as many statements as I can concerning the floor on a close. If there are any current or ex staff, pref. training squad or above (but every one from green badge upwards be useful) who will write a statement that confirms that due to the companies policy regarding 'dive' and it being air dried on buntrays on the floor, creating a virual 'flood' of water and grease that is more than just a thin 'vaneer of water', will help me enormously.
McDonalds are saying that dive only creates a thin vaneer of water. I need to prove that it creates what may be constituted a 'flood' of greasy water on teh floor. I am asking for nearly 1/3 of a million pounds, so it is very important.


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