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Sorry, Mildred still ain't relevant

Posted by: Quincunx on October 19, 1998 at 11:17:18:

In Reply to: Accusing? posted by Mike Bacon on October 16, 1998 at 11:10:49:

MB: Anyway, what I was saying or trying to say was that while it may very well be true that the boys in Oak Brooke intended rap sessions as a means of employee "control" it doesn't necessarily mean the franchise owners are practicing that also.

Qx: The excerpt which I typed out doesn't say that at all but if you can find any franchisees who had the option of not using "rap sessions" then please let me know. Even TD has talked about her experiences of "rap sessions."

MB: And to respond to Qx's question, my use of "good effect" means that based on the postings by McD Worker, Shaun, and Julie, rap sessions, or open communications, whatever term you choose, are properly used, not abused, and positive outcomes benefitting both sides are actually achieved.

Qx: Again that's in the eye of the beholder isn't it? That McDonald's had to incorporate into their employee-manager meetings a hackneyed psychological theory such as Transactional Analysis is telling because elements of T/A have been employed by unionbusters also. I'm not saying McD's brainwashes the workers but that "rap sessions" are highy questionable.

MB: And Qx, the reason I brought up Mildred and her DQ was that your posts seem to indicate you view all managers and owners in the same light, as greedy, exploitative sons-a-bitches.

Qx: And that's a definitely a mis-perception on your part. It's assumptive and you should ask me directly before you bring up Mildred.

MB: I'm saying there are owners I've met and read about that don't come close to meeting that indicated perception.

Qx: The same goes here but I have to add that the invocation of "Reason" in its present corporate form has permitted some managers and bosses (use whatever term you like) to be just that.

MB: And Ron, the "ornory" part I brought up in reference to Qx is due to his strong response to Bengt,

Qx: Oh. How about Bengt's thoroughly sarcastic tone to my posting about "rap sessions"? I detect a bit of corporate hostility there.

MB: and his flaming posts to Trolly Dolly, Julie, McD Worker, Shaun, and others.

Qx: And they're all innocents too? Please get realistic.

MB: McSpot got on him harder than I did,

Qx: And I told that particular moderator a message too.

MB: actually I just cracked a tasteless joke. Go down a few threads, and you might catch his flame wars with Mike Sprout.

Qx: Actually go all over these debating rooms and read them all. Who knows what happened to Sprout? I wouldn't even consider McDWorker, ben, or McDCrew to be Mulroney supporters. By the way, while you highlight the past why don't you include the fact that James had a bit of fun flaming with him also? The Sprout thing is as irrelevent as Mildred but it could plug up a rap session.

MB: In closing, I believe I did the best job I could at debating the topic without attacking the person.

Qx: The contrary evidence is in the title of your posting about prune juice. Nice try at diversion but better luck next time.

MB: Chill out!

Qx: It's your turn to do just that.

P.S: 1) Can you tell me of any McD's franchisees who have the option of not using "rap sessions"

2) Can you explain why the book by Boas and Chain hasn't been sued for libel?

3) Could you please take on Boas and Chains' book word-for-word?

4) Can you explain why McDoanld's doesn't have a website that features any debating rooms themselves?

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