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I know my crew has grievances.

Posted by: Julie-The Gruntled Generation ( Burger King, Spartanburg, SC USA ) on October 19, 1998 at 11:33:23:

In Reply to: You can say that again ! posted by Trolley Dolly on October 16, 1998 at 10:38:33:

Im just gonna dive into this cause I haven't really got an opening for it. I know my crew has grievances. In my opinion its more conducive for me and that person to sit down and talk face to face. If its a valid complaint then it needs to be dealt with faster than waiting for a rap session. I do hold impromptu meetings for such things as finding out what would make our store a better place to work at. I really can't think of any major complaints anyone has come to me with other than a few people weren't doing their share of the work. In those cases Id rather take the person aside and talk to them and let them know that they have to pull their share of the workload. We've had a few cases of people complaining that a manager yelled at them and it was dealt with on a higher level. Our company does not allow us to yell at the crew and I don't think Ive ever had the desire to do so. If you foster a work environment where everyone likes or at least respects one another then the problems that arise usually aren't major. We do a lot of things with and for our crew that many restaurants dont do. For example we have a cake for everyone's birthday. 2 weeks ago we had a party and everyone once in a while we get pizza. I know that Im not perfect and I do things that would be considered disrespectful once in a while but I really do try to foster a good work environment. So Qx and all, what do you think a manager could do to make a fast food restaurant a better place to work at?


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