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'You can't get me I'm part of the union'

Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party of Great Britain, UK ) on October 19, 1998 at 13:49:21:

In Reply to: so you think a union will help you? posted by mike on October 18, 1998 at 12:15:18:

: this is for all you out there that think a union would be your savior. What everyone forgets is that unions are just like mcdonalds, their a business. do you really think a union cares about their members? they just want to organize as many places as possible, so that the union dues fills up their wallets.

Partly true, and certainly true in teh past. But lets not forget that lots of that money is used in court cases, industrial tribunal cases for unfair dismissal, harrassment, or whatever, OK, in that sense contributing to a union is like a sort of social insurance fund, but its kinda necessary. Further, even paying simple dues to a big union can scare bosses shitless, and makes them just that little bit more extra careful viz safety etc. and conditions...

: every mcd employee who wishes to get unionized must remember 1 important thing---not all mcdonalds restaurants are big time money makers. some restaurants just get by. do you really think these restaurants will remain open if a union arrives? the union will push wages up and eventually close the restaurant.

Unlikely, unions only push wages up to the level at which the company will support. However, in self-same restauarnts the union can ensure other things, like conditions and safety, whichcan make life better for all, and need not drive the firm out of business. Its a matter of management knowing there are limits...

: this is perfectly legal if it is not financially viable for the restaurant to continue operating. so yes folks, you might get a union, but you will lose a job.

thats one of the bosses favourite lies: they need to keep the restaurant open coz its their income too...

:all you folks who want a union, lose your egos and stop trying to get your 15 mins of fame by unionizing a mcdonalds. if you have problems there are many other ways to get it corrected

Indeed, discussing with management is a fine thing, its even better to discuss such things with a union behind you 'talk quietly, and hold a big stick', FDR as I recall...

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