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not everyone needs unions

Posted by: McDWorker ( Canada ) on October 21, 1998 at 01:02:00:

In Reply to: What Insults? posted by BASE727{mad cow patrol} on October 20, 1998 at 01:21:56:

: McDW: You're right! This is what I and others have been trying to point out all along but have been distracted with childish insults.....

: BASE727 Wrong, wrong, wrong, all working people need unions thats the one thing I want to point out. Who is insulting who here?

First of all, what makes me wrong?? because you think you are right??? Not everyone needs unions, yes they CAN be of help if mgmt and employees can't settle on a decision but they also cause loss of jobs, strikes, decrease of pay, etc How you ask??
Strikes are caused when both sides can't decide...nothing is guarnteed by going on stirke, except for the fact that you won't be paid..unless you get strike pay which is barly enough to buy groceries..i know people who have experinced this first hand
If your fighting for better benefits or whatever, as they saying goes nothing is free, you'll have to pay for this resulting in a deduction in pay, and the item your fought and paid for, might not be as great as you thought.
Loss of jobs...Ok, you're union got you a pay increase but theres a catch, in order to get this pay increase, some of you have to go or loose hours or share the work load

Not everyone who works needs unions, and you should know from reading the messages here thaat not everyone is bit*hing bout their place of work...Lot of us feel that we don't need unions, but our fellow co workers across the world feel they do, which is fine, but they don't speak for everyone so to say everyone who works needs a union is wrong wrong worng!

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