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Sick of it !

Posted by: Gill ( Northern Ireland ) on October 21, 1998 at 18:44:43:

In Reply to: Which is worse? posted by Floyd on October 21, 1998 at 01:30:36:

: P.S. I'm just getting over a severe cold which I caught from my boss. He came in to work while he was sick because he's too "macho" to take time off, and he scheduled extra meetings with me just to prove that having a cold doesn't slow him down. As a result, I'm pretty emotional about this particular issue right now.

My other half's supervisor is exactly the opposite. He has the reputation of being a real malingerer. If he has a cold, he won't just take one week off, he'll take two - JUST to make sure he doesn't spread it about...!

On the subject of being off sick, I took my first time off sick for 7 years in February of this year - and I actually felt guilty ! The thing is, once I made the agonising decision to take a few days off, I immediately felt a lot better ! McD's is like that - managers are made to feel that they are displaying gross lack of commitment if they take a day off sick. My franchisee used to make people take it off their holidays - but he soon stopped that once enough of us moaned about it !


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