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But she is one of the best examples I can think of....

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Cheap Sunglasses Party, USA ) on October 23, 1998 at 10:11:39:

In Reply to: Sorry, Mildred still ain't relevant posted by Quincunx on October 19, 1998 at 11:17:18:

OK I'm back again. Glad to see that you and Gill aka TD seem to be getting along better despite disagreements. And I'm glad that Gill has found a better career in a more rewarding field.

My prune juice bit wasn't intended as a flame, just a joke in an attempt to lighten things up. I remember Everett Citizen poked fun at my name once or twice, and I took the hit fine (Where is that guy btw?).

I know that Gill will be a good source regarding what needs fixing at this chain. As for the "rap sessions", whatever you want to call them, an attempt at least should be made at establishing a line of communication between employee and management, before resorting to unionization. Certainly, a strike should be the absolute last resort, not a hasty decision, and it's still something that I don't advise. If a shitty situation really is engulfing the McD's chain, I believe the best advice, just like Gill just did, is to seek a better employer, then turn in your notice. Even if the strike was successful, would you really want to be still associated with the people who shit down your throat? Most of the BK employees who have been posting here hold this alternative chain in high regard.

As for any debating room at McDonald's official site, I don't have an answer as to why that doesn't exist. It also puzzles me as to why a customer 1-800 or 888 comment/complaint line doesn't exist nor an email address. But I know a major overhaul of Corporate is needed, maybe the stockholders will get wise and give Greenburg and his disciples the heave-ho.

Well I guess it's time to rap this up. I probably didn't answer everything, but this is where this unrehearsed post has ended up.

Later, all!


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