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when the threat of union exists, conditions might improve

Posted by: Flint Jones ( IWW, USA ) on October 23, 1998 at 11:51:28:

In Reply to: unions rejected posted by McDWorker on October 23, 1998 at 02:45:41:

: I might have heard wrong, but to date there no McD's unionized in Canada...the McD employees in British Columbia rejected joining a union

Well, the one in Squamish, BC went through and is a done deal. Infact the CAW even has a cool little bit on real video you can watch.

However, the Kelowna BC store organizing drive seems to have lost momentum. The CAW pulled their drive for certification because there seems to be a lack of support for it on the floor. They didn't take it through an election, so rejection might not be the right word your looking for. Though I think that it usually takes like 3 about elections before a union gets certified to act as the collective bargaining agents, and a lot of unions aren't willing to put that much effort into such a small shop. I've been pretty impressed with how the CAW has handled themselves so far in this McDonald's organizing (building on their expierence with KYC, no doubt)... much more impressed than I was with the Teamsters.

Its pretty usual that when the threat of union exists, conditions might improve (or atleast a good deal of lip service is said by owners and management). When/if conditions don't improve, fellow workers might reconsider not acting collectivelly to have their demands met.

I was just involved in a short organizing drive, which the a few disgruntled workers came to us quite well into the problem phase. Sometime between my first and second meeting with them, the majority had either left for other jobs, been fired, or had been cut back to so few hours they would be quitting soon. It can be pretty disillusioning at times when things just don't work out.



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