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Something you would like to do though ?

Posted by: Gill ( Northern Ireland ) on October 23, 1998 at 12:41:08:

In Reply to: Not something we do a lot posted by Shaun on October 23, 1998 at 01:00:31:

It was YOU who said someone should be fired on the spot for leaving the shift without permission. That is what I responded to. The fact is, that if you act in haste, particularly in disciplinary matters, you will regret it later, especially when a good solicitor tears you to shreds in an industrial tribunal for failing to give the employee a fair hearing, or allowing yourself to cool off before acting. I never said employees shouldn't be fired for not turning up for work. What I meant was you should NEVER sack anybody, on the spot, there and then. Always suspend and investigate. It shows that you are reasonable and not behaving in a hot headed way. Acting too fast to fire someone could be construed as victimisation.

I don't deny that it is incredibly frustrating when crew piss about with their shifts and fail to turn up. But you have to realise that your attitude to your job, as a manager is on another level to theirs. And for the most part, they are only kids, and part of what we do is teach them the rules of the workplace. So setting a bad example by firing someone on the spot probably teaches them that all workplaces are like that. Whereas following disciplinary procedures properly will teach them respect for the manager, the workplace, and maybe even the company.

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