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We appreciate our workers

Posted by: Shaun ( Burger King, USA ) on October 25, 1998 at 21:16:15:

In Reply to: Yuktoong!! fearless leader posted by Wayne on October 24, 1998 at 11:13:40:

Regarding your comment about me making an example and doing the cleaning myself. Me and the other managers are out there busting our butts 5 days a week 9 hours a day to see that the store is run smoothly and is clean. I am out there in the dining room, bathrooms, and parking lot all every day to make sure it is ok. You have never had my job, so you wouldn't understand. Let me put it to you like this. It is a complete and utter embarrassment to me and other managers when the place is filthy. How the store and the outside looks is a reflection on how I do my job. I would not like customers complaining about how dirty the place is. That is embarrassing. I take pride in my work and I care about the store, so I will see to it the place is clean. That means that I am out there cleaning up after people just as our employees are. I am also very proud of our employees who do a good job of serving people and keeping the place clean.
Throughout the year, esp. in the summer we do extra outside projects. These include scrubbing the motor oil off the drive thru, planting shrubs and weeding, mowing the lawn cleaning the outside garbage cans etc... When I was an employee and I had to do these, I didn't mind it because there was always a manager helping with these projects, even if they had to run in the store when it got busy, they always came back. Sometimes we have two employees do it together so its fun. They love it. They get a break from serving people, they get to put thier headphones on to listen to music, and since there is two people out there, they can work together and talk or whatever.

Every day our teenagers who work the night and weekend shift come to us with problems and we are thier shoulder to cry on. We do everything we can to make them happy. Everybody has a favorite position in the store, whether its cashier, whopper board or whatever, and we try to work it so every one will get to work where they like best. Yes, there are workers who hate the job, but then they find a place to work they like better and thats fine. But don't accuse us of not caring about our workers, because we do everything we can to make work enjoyable for them. We wouldn't have a business to run if they didn't go up there everyday and take shit from mouthy customers and do thier best to serve customers. I appreciate the employees and show it. I'm proud of every one of them.

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