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Not All McD's are poorly managed!!

Posted by: McDWorker ( Canada ) on October 26, 1998 at 08:51:05:

After reading the recent postings, I feel sorry for those of you who work in stores run by assholes, but don't label all managers as assholes, cause their not, and as you'll find out in life, you'll awlays be working with someone you don't like..

In my store I think my manager is the greatest, he respects me and we hang out with eachother sometimes {which is a McD no-no...Managers are not supposed/allowed to be friends with crew} I know that if he were to quit, I would too in a flash....To be honest, McD is only a good place to work if you get along woth others, and the store is run poperly. Luckly I work in a great store, most of us get along and help one another and I'm sorry to hear that others don't have the crew and mgmt my store does.

To all the unhappy Crew:

Good luck in your fight for better mgmt and healthy working conditions....if that means joining union, i support you 100%, but please understand that not all McD's are bad places.....speak for yourself, not everyone else....Don't try to Unionize all of McD's for not all of us need a union,IF we decide later that we do, we'll join the fight.


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