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Sometimes, McDonalds isn't the best place

Posted by: Mc Hard Worker ( U.S.A ) on October 27, 1998 at 09:25:27:

I don't know about the other workers, but at the store I'm at right now, well it's not fun. We recently got new owners, and instead of getting better, it has gotten worst. About 5-10 employees have quite, and now, we are down to two mangers, the store manager and a regular manager. Some employees such as myself, have to put in about 8-10 hours each sift we work (I'm only 17 and in school). Raises have just came out, and all the veterans who have been working there for over a year, like me, found out that people who have worked for two months, earn more than us (like .50 to .75 more). I almost quited about two times, but one thing McDonalds will give are the hours and the holidays are lurking around. In fact, one of the veterans tried to attack the store manger upon hearing about the raises. Working at my store is more of a soap opera than a business. I will miss all the people who have been there through it all.

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