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Straight enough??

Posted by: Wayne on October 27, 1998 at 09:43:01:

In Reply to: Get your facts straight please posted by Shaun on October 25, 1998 at 21:21:39:

Okay! you made a fair comment, I apologise for insinuating that you would sack someone for a menial infringement. Bad choice of words on my part. I'm sorry.

The original line of discussion was a letter outlining who walked off the shift to protest.

The words you said in reply were: Quote your letter 19/10/98

: Any fast food employee who walks out on their shift and proceeds to protest the store and tarnishes the brand name should have been promptly fired.

- While the end result may be that you do terminate their employment your wording suggests to me that they'll be sacked quickly no discussion entered into,Despite any reasoning they may have to protest in the first instance. Given the feedback thru McSpotlight; I wonder how much effort was placed on prevention through listening to staff by the restaurant involved. We also have our fair share of franchisees who have selective hearing impediments.

- Given your strong reaction I can take it that your dismissal stance would be after calm and focussed discussion on the matter.

: I don't care where you work. If any of my employees walked out( and so far none ever have) they are crossed off the schedule permenantly.

- This says to me " walk out and your'e history ". I'm glad none have for their sakes.

: Why those managers didn't have a backbone and fire the whole lot of them I'll never know.

- I read this as an attack by you saying that the mgt in that restaurant are spineless and weak. Strength in mgt is I believe about resolving conflict for everyones benefit. And sometimes no matter how serious the situation may seem we both don't know that sacking was the right direction to take. There is no indication as to what the protest was about,other than understaffing but sack them "because they protested"? It might be that as I said, sacking is the result but instant termination is a dangerous line of management.

: And I can't understand why a fast food worker would want to join a union for a MF'ing $5.50 part time job

- These reasons are not your of my business, but while the US is union driven and heavily supported the working people, they are going to use this facility to provide protection against unfair work practice and to help mediate in any dispute.

Unions are paid to represent their members. Their following suggests that on the whole they do a good job for their people too. Is this not correct ?

I agree that unions need to be a thing of the past. But in a country that pays youth rates etc I don't think there will be an end in the foreseeable future.

As for sacking some one for a punctuality issue was a senario example to emphasise my point about the need to find out the reasons people who work for us are performing below expectations or capability.This was not related to your incident where you dismissed a worker for repeat and repeat and repeat offence. Coincedence!

: I do. Most managers I know do also. I am on very friendly terms with the employees, but that doesn't mean I should let them break the rules

: None of my employees have ever walked out on me or any other manager in the 3 1/2 years I've been at BK. Why? Because we do listen and care about them.

I commend your approach and agree but while standards need to be maintained there is a need to look further in to the reasons why these standards were neglected in the first place

: It looks as if unions aren't needed, because as of now, thare are no unionised BK's and maybe 2 or 3 unionised McD's, so it sounds to me as if the managers at those McD's need to learn how to treat thier staff better.

I agree and yes it's about time aye.

My restaurant turns over about $5,000,000 + per annum.
The another is a mall type $1,000,000 per annum.

: And I'm not. As I've said before, we are many times fairer to employees than bosses at real jobs are.

That I am agreed upon. Many fast food employees are snapped up very quickly over here where McD's and BK have a high profile. The work ethic of systems use and performance targeting helps staff get a great work standards base for any job.

May be out of this; some of the statements you wrote were not quite what you do as a manager but may be a reflection of your feelings towards loyalty to your company. You're either in or out?. I carry these beliefs myself, pretty hard policy to administer though aye. The trick is to get people to WANT to work for you and the business.



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