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it is a non-fraternisation policy

Posted by: Chichi on October 28, 1998 at 15:16:37:

In Reply to: McDonald's Anti-Friendship policy? posted by Flint Jones on October 27, 1998 at 09:11:25:

Well there are good and bad sides to this...firstly it is a non-fraternisation policy - non-friendship policy is a little too blatant for the McD corporation (or its law advisors anyway). word for word it states - hmm, I'm going to get sued now. ahh well. All you have to do to find this out is get a job there anyhow...it's not exactly top secret documentation.

"There should not be any personal involvement between management and crew. Although a friendly instore atmosphere and participation in store - sponsored activities are encouraged, dating and other deliberate social relationships are unacceptable. The reasons for this are obvious and common problems we wish to avoid are favouritism, double standards, inconsistant disciplinary action etc."

Work into that what you will. The poster that is up in a lot of stores puts it differently...with the essential meaning being 'don't sleep with the crew' That sounds a little more ambiguous in meaning...the bottom line is that McD's is like everywhere else...you are there to work and not socialise for one thing, but a whole heap of problems come up when you start getting 'so-and-so managers' pet'. They aren't saying thou shall not...actually they are saying 'thou shall not be friends' but interestingly enough, they're sorta not. Hey wow. Manipulated language.

but there it is, so argue about it =P


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