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management/crew friendships

Posted by: mike ( ontario, canada ) on October 28, 1998 at 19:18:46:

Enough is enough already!! The reason this policy even exists is simply to stop any type or thought of favoritism. I'm sure that many crew have very good relationships with managers, and don't get any type of favoritism. However the possibility is there for it to happen.

Even if it's not occuring, if another crew person thinks it is problems could arise. The tendancy is for the manager to be somewhat harder on there friends/girlfriends/boyfriends just to prove that there is no favoritism,which can be harmful also. I'm sure that there are many stores out there that there are problems at with regards to this issue and many that don't have problems with it. It all boils down to this.....everyone wants the store to run well and to have fun. But if favoritism is an issue at all there will be problems. If it's not that's great, cherish your friendships.

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