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Posted by: Shaun ( Burger King, USA ) on October 30, 1998 at 00:37:29:

In Reply to: That is strange. posted by Mike Bacon on October 27, 1998 at 13:57:18:

According to our store manager, it is against BK's policy for management to socialize with the crew. The reason is that they don't want managers to treat thier friends better than other employees. I understand this, but do you think there are no employee-manager friendships in our store? One of the assistant managers at my store is best friends with an employee. Another managers mother works at our store. I also hang out with some of the crew and are friends with them. Even though it may be against BK policy, the managers at my store don't pay attention to it, and even my bosses and franchisee are aware of the crew and managers hanging out and its ok by them, as long as we treat them as regular workers when they are on the clock.
As for dating crew, I would never do it and the store manager would not allow it. The reason is that if you are dating crew it could be all to easy for you to be charged with sexual harrassment, and BK doesn't want any part of that.
And as for employees acting like bigshots who never work with the crew, it's not like that where I work. Of course we have to do lots of paperwork, but when we're not, we do regular crew work. My boss tells us that it's the managers job to push out orders. So we have regular employees in the kitchen and on registers, and the managers push out the orders to customers, one at drive thru and one at front counter. They want us there because while we are working, we can at the ame time keep an eye on the store and make sure everythingsd ok. Although sometimes a manager has to work in the kitchen, it is preferred they work up front so we get a good view of the dining room.

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