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Anyone else like me?

Posted by: Syberjoel ( McDonalds, USA ) on October 31, 1998 at 10:18:24:

Well I've been working at McDonalds for about a year and 3 months. This is my first time posting (or even seeing) this. I've been a closer for about 6 months now. I close like every night. I can't even get to sleep before 1am anymore even if I want to. They know that I can close fast and clean so they make me do it every night. When ever I work in the day they put me by myself for up to 6 hours in the middle of the afternoon just because they know I can do it. It's really exploting. Dispite the fact that I'm one of the best workers (being that almost everyone else I trained) they are just now getting around to making me a manager. I had a trainiee (that I trained)that was around for about a month before they made him a manager - I admit he was a good worker but it was mainly becuase he was not 17 like me but an adult. It seems to me that most of the managers are ither currupted or completly inhuman. (sorry about the spelling in this) There have been times when every single employee (sorry to say including me) was drunk or stoned or both at any one time. There times when a joint would be going in the break room and a bowl of jungle juice on the egg grill.

And the rest of the managers that don't allow that think that money is all important. They think that breaks are for fixing labor a little bit - not giving the workers a much needed rest. I've had to take my break an hour or less after I got there. Belive it or not but I've worked triple shifts before - 18 or 19 hours at a time. It is a fun job sometimes. I have made alot of very good friends so it's not all bad. About that comment about manager and crew relationships I have no idea that even went on! Maybe it's becuase of the small town I'm in but there is NO gide line for stuff like that. Managers and crew are all good friends. I'm dating one of my managers and the owners have no problem with it as long as it does not affect performance.Any way I just wanted to see what you guys thought of this and if there was anyone else that went though this. Joel

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