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Rap session are a JOKE!!!

Posted by: Fred ( Canada ) on October 31, 1998 at 10:28:29:

In Reply to: rap sessions are great posted by McDWorker on October 15, 1998 at 00:34:45:

I don't think the same thing than you about the rap session. It's true, you can say what you want about McDo but it's at your own risk. Anyway, I have personnaly participate to three rap session and I know what it is. You suggest changement and the only things the management find to say, is: "We will do our possible to respond to your suggestions"! But the big problem is that it's the only things they do. They only listen but they do nothing except if it cost nothing or if they no that you're going to unionize and it's the last chance they have to avoid the accreditation request. The only time that I see something change at my store is when my boss ear that we are getting to try to unionize his business.

For the first time, He did something to changed the things (simple things but enough to avoid union if it's haved been done before). He decide to give break all time without discussion, he decide that the time we have to enter to the floor 15 minutes before work without pay is finish, he decide to increase the hour of everybody. That's was great but too late. Like if we will decide to abandon a request when we have 80% of labor in favor of it.

To close the discussion, he decide to engage 50 new employes in ONE WEEK. We passed from 42 to 95 employes at less than 24 hours before the request. But by chance and because the judge of the Quebec labor office think that the 50 employes haved been taking just to avoid the union and haved decide to exclude this peoples of the request.

To close the discussion, let me just say to you that the rap session is just a JOKE to see wich workers are dangerous (at the eyes of the boss) for the business. If you are one of it, they will not fire you but he will let you working 3 hours a week and it's why you will quit.

If you don't have McDonald's ketchup like blood, you're not a good worker because like all the supervisor and the majority of the management sayed, McDonald's is not a job, but a life!!!

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