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Don't Worry Be Happy in what you do

Posted by: Wayne ( NZ ) on November 01, 1998 at 15:26:39:

In Reply to: OK, your right about that posted by Shaun on October 30, 1998 at 00:37:04:

: OK, I apologise for the misunderstanding before.
: You are right. Maybe if those managers listened to crew in the first place they would not have walked out. I guess I'm lucky, I never had a manager like that. I'm sure there are many stores where the management doesn't care what the crew think, and thats no way to run a business. If you treat your crew like that you won't have any left.

I am glad that you could see how I was reading your reply. I have to commend your commitment to your business though. The way I feel about my business is exactly the way you describe even though the tactically sound method have to be followed.

I think if you truly care about the staff that work for you then to sack someone is a sad experience. Particularly if they are friends as well.

Read Norman Schwartzcoff's ( Storman Norman ) book on business success and he has a simple list of rules of conduct at mgt level.

I can't list them off the top of my head but his listed rules 13 and 14 are key indicators in decision making.

Rule 13 = When in charge, make a decision! if it's the wrong one then you'll learn from it and more than likely won't do it again.

Rule 14 = When faced with situation that you can't decide what to do, Do what's morally right.

We use this rule 14 every time ( usually before we use rule 13 )we give someone a second chance. They screw up but you see past that and look at what the causes are, what we can do to help, is our help going to rectify the problem.

Then when they do it again it's usually 14 again until they pull to hard on the tie line and rule 13 comes in to play once youv'e been kicked in the head for helping 5 6 & 7 times cause you're trying to help.

It's a fine line aye.

Listening is probably the hardest management skill to master. We all think we know best. Even me! But reality tells us to get real!!
And as you mentioned there are great restaurant team out there and piss poor ones along side. The protested store must be clearly a bad apple.

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